Thursday, 22 March 2018

DBH 4, Home remedies

Apitherapy de Marta Martín

Rumania  ( Runny Nose )

Have you got a runny nose ? If the answer is “yes” I have a very fast and effective home remedy to be able to go uncovering the nose little by little.
In romania there are special herbs for that; the nettles. Thase plant can be very painful to bite us because it may be iching all day.But you did not know that these so unbearable herbs can help us unclog our nose, no?
To help us we have to look for more than 8 petals of that herb, at home we put it in a bowl and chop it until it is all well chopped and mix it with a little mint herb,we put it in a jar and from there we take it little by little and we apply it to the upper part of the mouth and we breathe little by little, the smell of the herb will help us to unclog our nose.

BY: Mihaela 

Thursday, 15 March 2018

DBH 1, Room make over

my room before the change was my soso was all of a color and things were already very biejas. After the renovation was very modernized everything was new colors curtains, new wardrobe, new desk, new carpet.All is nez Now I love my new room and I hope to bring all my friends home so they can see it.
BY : Ohiane

My house is very vig have got 7 rooms .A kitchen  2 bathrooms 3 
beadrooms 1 dining room and the garage .In the dining room is a big picture of a shark is very frinething. In my beadroom is a blue carpet is very beauty .
My bedroom looked boring, so I decided to make some changes in it. First, I added new blue curtains and a big carpet. The bedroom looked better than the day before, but, I also made some changes. I changed the cupboard, because, it was very old. I wanted a bigger one, but, my parents bought one with the same size. I had also changed my place to work, this is, my desk and my chair. The desk was pretty new, but, I wasn't very comfortable on it, so, my parents painted the desk and the chair and my mom added a thin layer of glass on the desk and now I'm more comfortable. The last change I've made was changing an old clock above my desk, and putting a modern painting.
BY: Iustin
My favorite  TV programme is about makeover in the rooms, kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms, gardens and more spaces in the house.
Now they have to make a makeover to a bedroom. Before the change the image the room is a bit strange the windows do not have curtains, it has a very sinister wardrobe of brown color, it has a table with a chair, on top of the table it has a clock with a form very difficult to understand and of course It has a bed. After the change of image, the windows have curtains, the wardrobe is brown, the table and chair are blue, instead of a clock and a very nice picture, and the bed is still as beautiful.
I would like to have a bedroom like this one !!
BY: Abril
 As you can see the rooms have changed a lot over time. For example: before there were no curtains, now there are blue curtains. Before the wardrobe was brown, now it is white, the walls were white before, now they are berdes.The desk was brown and less modern, now it is black with blue and it is more modern.Before there is no carpet open and now there is. Before a picture instead of a clock, now instead of a clock there is a clock a frame.
BY: Maria

Before the makeover, the walls of the room were light pink, but after the makeover, the walls were green. I like the walls because green is my favourite colour. Before the makeover, there was a clock above the desk and the chair. After the makeover, there was a poster above the desk and the chair. Before the makeover, the desk and the chair were both brown, but after the makeover, the desk and the chair were both dark blue. I think that the clock was more useful that the poster, because you could see what time it was. Before the makeover, the cupboard was brown, but after the makeover, the cupboard was white. Before the makeover, there wasn't a carpet on the floor, but after the makeover, there was a dark blue carpet with to triangles in it on the floor .I think that the room was better before the makeover than after the makeover because it was much simpler, and in my opinion, more comfortable to live.
BY: Denis
  In my best friend's new house they made a makover in his room.Before the makeover there was a black chair and a black desk but after the makeover they were both of a beatiful blue.There a clock above the desk but after the makeover there a very interesting picture.Before the makeover the cupboard was brown but is a white.I think is nice.Before the makeover it wasn't any carpet but now is one and I love it.There is also changed the color of the walls there are green instead of white. After the makeover they put some blue curtains in the window. The room is very nice I asked to my parents for a makeover to my room   
BY: Aimar
The room after has got a white cupboard, a window with curtains, a picture and a new desk. It has got also a carpet. The room before has got a brown cupboard, a window without curtains, there isn't a picture but there is a clock and an old desk. I hasn't got any carpet.
BY: Maialen
Before the makeover, the walls were painted in white and they looked boring but now, the walls are painted in green and the room looks colorful. There wasn't any carpets, and any curtains too, but after the makeover , there is a dark blue carpet with pink and yellow triangles and there are blue curtains in the window. Before the makeover, there was a very old clock above the desk but after the makeover, there was a modern painting. Finally, there was a dark brown desk and white armchair, but after the makeover, there is a blue desk and a brown armchair. 
BY: Ander
In the room 1 there is an old clock,but in room 2 there is a modern TV.In the room 2 there is a new carpet on the floor.In the room 1 there is a brown desk,but on room 2 the desk change color.There are new courtains and a new cupboard.The curtains were blue and the cupboard is white.The room 1 is very boring and the room 2 is much funny.
BY: Adrian
 Before the change there was a brow closet, but  after the change they paint the closet  white. Before the change it was a clock in the wall, but after, they remove the clock and they put a poster and  also  a carpet. Now the bedroom is  beatiful because it has green walls and they put curtains. Then they paint the table and the chairs  with blue 
BY: Ane
I have reformed my room and now it is beautiful.The only thing I've done was decorate it.First,I painted it green.when it was dry I put some curtains on the windows and put carpet on the floor.Then i paited the wardrove and the desk .I paited the desk blue and the wardrove white.,Finally, I saw that I was a little bland so I decided to put a picture.

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

DBH 4, Protecting the wild

The gray wolf from Marta Martín

The Mediterranean monk seal (Monachus monachus) is a monk seal belonging to the family Phocidae. As of 2015, it is estimated that fewer than 700 individuals survive in three or four isolated subpopulations in the Mediterranean (especially in the Aegean Sea), the archipelago of Madeira and the Cabo Blancoarea in the northeastern Atlantic Ocean. It is believed to be the world's rarest pinniped species.
This species of seals grows from approximately 80 centimetres (2.6 ft) long at birth up to an average of 2.4 metres (7.9 ft) as adults.
Scientists have suggested that they are polygynous, with males being very territorial where they mate with females.
Mediterranean monk seals had been known to congregate, give birth, and seek refuge on open beaches.

BY: ARaitz


Animal in extintion from Marta Martín


The lynx is a animal that is located in Rumania, is  endangered to disappear. Lots of people want to catch them for decorations or to use your hair to make clothes.
The Romanian goverment believe that they are not so much lynx living, they are almost 10 % and they are most baby lynx than older ones. In the last years they catch a lot of these animals for the whims of the people.
These animals they live in cold or warm forest or in the lower part of the mountain. The government has put up signs warning that you can not hunt animals, in specific lynxes because they are extinct and whoever happens to go hunting are 20,000 fine.

BY: Mihaela